The Boat Saver
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The Boat Saver is a new invention that pushes your boat off of sandbars, rocks or any other under water or above water grounding obstruction. It may be the only way to quickly free a boat that has been grounded.

When a boat has run aground, the portable Boat Saver can quickly be deployed and thus stabilize the boat and prevent wave action and the tide from pushing the boat further upon the obstruction. Then with the assistance of the hydraulics, the boat can actually be pushed off of the sandbar or other grounding obstruction. This can save the boat owner towing fees, time and perhaps the boat itself. The pressure that the Boat saver is able to produce is greater than what most tow boats can provide or what you might expect from kedging (securing the anchor and attempting to pull the boat free), a push pole, or a rope tied to a motorized dinghy. The Boat Saver uses hydraulic force to push the grounding obstruction and the hull of the boat at the same time. The Boat Saver is your best chance to quickly free your watercraft from the under or above water obstruction.

The Boat Saver can be manufactured in different sizes and weights, depending upon the size and weight of the boat. The Boat Saver is light weight and can be rapidly deployed by one person.

 The Boat Saver can actually free a grounded boat. There is nothing like it on the market.

Sunsets are beautiful, but not if you have run aground and it is getting dark. The Boat Saver can greatly assist you in freeing your grounded boat.


The front pad folds to the contour of bow. Further, the Boat Saver, with its rapid deployment, telescoping column, is able to fold into a relatively small size, similar to a mooring pole, thus is easy to store.

The Boat Saver can be quickly deployed and can stabilize your boat as well as has the ability to produce enormous force in order to push your boat off of the grounding obstruction this includes soft or hard groundings.

The front pad of the Boat Saver conforms to the contour of your boat and has the ability to push the bow or stern, as well as port or starboard.

The Boat Saver patent calls for the use of either hydraulics or mechanical leverage, such as a crank ratchet.



  Virtually all boaters will run aground at some point. In many cases, the boater simply has to wait for a few hours till the tide comes back, however there are many instances where even with high tide, kedging, and heeling, they can not free the boat and must call for expensive tow boat for assistance and possibly wait for hours. If the weather is not favorable or if a storm is approaching, or if it getting dark, a grounded boat can become a deadly situation.

  I you have ever run aground, you probably felt that you could push the boat off of the obstacle or sandbar, if you only had a little more leverage or strength. The Boat Saver is the answer.

  The Boat Saver offers a unique and effective solution to assist in freeing a grounded boat. The Boat Saver uniquely pushes the boat away from the sandbar or obstruction, providing potentially thousands of pounds of pressure. Every boater should carry the compact Boat Saver as an essential safety device for their boat.

Boat Saver

Patent Pending
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