NYC In Pictures
By Frank Didik

Below is a rough sample of what is envisioned for the NYC in Pictures (work title) travel and tourist guide. What makes this proposed book so unique is that every major cross town street and avenue is illustrated on the top and bottom of the page. So, for instance, if the topic of the chapter is about the West Village, major streets would be completely illustrated. As suggested below, a map of the street is incorporated next to the photographs of the buildings on the street. Several points should be noted. The photographs shown are smaller than the frame. In the final version, the photographs would be about the same size as the frame or would merge together to form a panorama view of the street. The work title of the proposed book "NYC IN Pictures" is descriptive, but other titles may be more effective to market the book. The market for such a book would be very large and since it could be updated year after year, it could generate continuous profits. The photographs have already been shot. As such, the book, including text, can be ready for printing within 40 days.

Travel Book Proposal by Frank Didik. February 26, 2002