1.   The buyer agrees to purchase a license of a software containing an electronic copy of a book, munuscript or magazine, beleived to be in the public domain.

2. In many, if not most cases, our original copy of the book or magazine is in poor condition. In some cases, the pages or bindings had deteriorated to the point where the pages are cracked, ripped or can not be fully opened. For this reason, in most cases, we did not use a flat bed scanner to copy the pages, but rather, high resolution digital cameras were employed. The copies are readable, though, in some cases, you will experience a keystoning effect or noticed torn or deteriorated pages. In very rare cases, words towards the center of the binding may be difficult to read. There are times when small text may be somewhat difficult to read.. The buyer agrees to accept the product under these conditions.
2. The buyer acknowledges that portions of the cd-rom or on-line software containing a copy of the original manuscript, book or liturature, may be copywritten.
3. The Client may not copy or store the product in any form or on any media other than provided by licensed distributor or copyright holder.
4. The Client agrees not to distribute, make available, sell or assign the product for gain or otherwise or to install it at any address other than that hereto agreed without written permission of licensed distributor or the copyright holder.

5. The Client agrees to use the product is only for the research purposes of the Client or the client's employees.

6. Licensed distributor or copyright holder hereby grants the Client a non-exclusive, non transferable license to use the product on a SINGLE PERSONAL COMPUTER. The product many not be used on a computer network.

7. The Client or Clients agent or order agrees not to copy, modify or reverse compile the PRODUCT operating software or data nor commercially exploit the same, nor make it available to any third party in whole or in part. Do to the nature of cd-rom technology and the fact that some clients may have a very limited use for the product (may wish to research only a few records), the PRODUCT cd-rom IS NOT returnable or refundable under any condition. We will only replace the cd-rom if it is damaged.

8. Other terms and conditions may apply. Terms, conditions and specifications subject to change without notice.

9. The PRODUCT is in a format that is designed to be used on 100 percent IBM compatible computers.

10. The term "Client", "User", "AGENT", "BROKER" and "Buyer" are one of the same.

11. It is agreed that the product is of a historic nature and information contained within may not necessarily be accurate.