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  For most publications, we will accept your standard pay rate scale. In all cases, the articles are provided with top quality color photographs in digital format. To provide uniqueness, articles can be modified for your publication. Further, a substantial number of photographs are available for illustration purposes (please review the thumbnail photographs in the photo archive). Please contactl Frank Didik for further details and immediate service and copies of the articles will be emailed, faxed or sent to you by conventional postal mail.
 Island hopping in Croatia | Stunning Natural Beauty in Croatia | Night life in Croatia | Ancient Roman Ruins in Croatia | Yachting along Croatia's 1100 Islands | The summer scene along the new "Croatian Riviera" | Ancient towns of Croatia | Review of leading hotels in Croatia | Understanding Tesla, exploring his hometown and roots. | The ancient lavender fields of the island of Hvar | Is Croatia the last bargain of Europe? | Hapsburg architecture of the southern gem. | Croatia, the undiscovered gem of Europe | Summer homes along Croatia's hip Dalmatian coast | Over 50 Travel to Croatia

Croatia Video Clips

  These video clips are designed for television documentary, news and news magazines and are available for immediate broadcast. They were shot in 2007 showing summer setting even though they were shot in early September. Sold in one minute intervals with 2 minute minimum. For immediate response and details, email details on your specific needs.

Please note that the mulit-media presentation above shows still photographs, each of which represents a particular video clip. Below are some of the video clips available covering various scenes in Croatia.

  • Zagreb Trollies

  • Zagreb City Sites
  • Zagreb Cemetery
  • Zagreb open Market
  • Zagreb cafe's
  • Zagreb early Sunday morning with relatively empty streets
  • Zagreb cable car
  • Zagreb indoor market
  • Zagreb Churches (interior and exterior with closeups)
  • Zagreb modern buildings
  • Zagreb Hapsburg empire buildings
  • Zagreb town square
  • Zagreb old town
  • Zagreb at night
  • Zagreb Sunday promenade
  • Plitvice Lakes showing water falls, closeups, environmentally pure lakes, electric boats, forests.
  • Plitvice lake area country inn at night with burning birch wood, restaurant.
  • Zadar night life, cafe's, trendy shops, galleries, food vendors.
  • Zadar Churches at night
  • Zadar Churches daytime
  • Zadar Old Town night and day
  • Zadar open markets
  • Zadar medieval center
  • Zadar churches, primarily catholic but also showing exterior and interior of Serbian Orthodox church.
  • Trogir city center and ancient port
  • Numerous clips of ferry to and from Split to ancient island of Hvar on the Adriatic coast.
  • Hvar island showing the ancient town of the same name. Includes clay rooftops, medieval town and town square.
  • Hvar island along the treacherous, hair pin mountain roads going through the rocky island. The route is cris-crossed with ancient retaining walls; built from the rocky environment. The small plots of land contained within the retaining walls has their world famous crop of lavender, which the Hvarians used for fragrance as well as medicinal purposes including the control of head aches and other purposes.
  • Stari Grad or Old Town, which is the other ancient town on the island of Hvar. This video clip includes views of ancient churches dating back to 400AD as well as ruins going back to 350BC. Shows old town, churches, farmers, and several varieties of pomegranate (formerly referred to as "Chinese apple") trees.
  • Hvar 1km tunnel shot for entire length.

Finished edited, ready for broadcast, stories are also available on tourist and travel topics including Zagreb, night life, castles, ancient and medieval ruins, and the Adriatic Cost and associated yachting and cafe scene available upon request.


Confidential background information on Croatia, for the press

  For me, Croatia was considerably different than I had expected. It has to be one of the more diverse places, that I have visited. It is surprising that relatively few tourists travel to Croatia. From my observations, Croatia is a very diverse country that offers an enormous amount of diversity and things to do and see. The crime rate is very low, the food is excellent, prices are low and the people are well educated, and friendly. The night life throughout Croatia is active, though ends somewhat early at about 11:30pm.

. Croatia also offers a number of excellent museums, opera houses, and other cultural facilities.

 It is well worth to visit Croatia.
  - Frank X. Didik, August, 2004

Croatia Still Photo Archive for publication purposes
Photographs and content copyright 2007
By Frank X. Didik. All rights Reserved.

Primary Croatian
Photo Archives.

 The photographs are captioned and a small writeup is contained in each section. Additional notes and information available upon request. (Please scroll down the page of additional information)

  1. Zagreb

  2. Countryside
  3. Kumrovec, Klanjec
  4. Plitvice Lakes
  5. Hrvatsko Zagorje
  6. Zadar
  7. Hvar
  8. Split
  9. Architecture
  10. Dalmatian Coast
  11. Nikola Tesla's birthplace
  12. War Aftermath of the war for independence

Croatia Still Photo Archive for publication purposes
Photographs and content copyright by Frank X. Didik. All rights Reserved.
Terms and General Publication Prices for Photographs

Zagreb (124 Photographs) Click to view other photographs





 Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, with a population of just below one million, can only be described as beautiful. In the past, Zagreb was a key city in the Hapsburg and later, the Austrian-Hungarian empire and as such, boasts an amazingly rich variety of architectural master pieces. The city boasts over 20 large museums, opera house, a wonderful, large old town, with many outdoor cafe's and restaurants. The peaceful and friendly atmosphere is a most pleasant. There is also a huge outdoor and indoor market where one can purchase a variety of delicious local and regionally grown vegetables and foods. Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.

Countryside (59 Photographs) Click to view other photographs





Though Croatia is a relatively small country, the countryside can be divided into 3 distinct regions. The area around Zagreb is similar to that of the French wine country or upstate New York. Further west, one comes to a region distinguished by pine forests and a major lake and waterfall region. Still further west, is a low mountain range and beyond this point, the Dalmatian coast along the Adriatic, has the look of Greece with similar foliage, and somewhat similar architectural style. While traveling along the Dalmatian coast, you will almost always be in sight of an ancient wall, building or similar. Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Kumrovec, Klanjec Click to view other photographs




This region is west from Zagreb, and has a number of picturesque villages. There is also an old water mill powered by mountain streams. Unfortunately, during the civil war /war of independence of 1991 to 1995 (and briefly 1997), the mill was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. The rebuilt/restored mill does contain many original features. This mill area was used by the Croatian military as a base during the unfortunate war and was the target of artillery shelling. Today, the area is very peaceful, though certain scars of the recent war are still visible, here and there.. . Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Plitvice Lakes Click to view other photographs





(10 photographs on line, though over 100 available on file) The Plitvice Lakes area is a part of the National Park system of Croatia and are is UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a natural gorge fed by clean mountain streams and multiple waterfalls. To prevent any pollution from disturbing the ancient eco system, the handful of boats permitted on the lakes are electric powered. Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Hrvatsko Zagorje Click to view other photographs





(34 photographs on line) Castle and picturesque town of Samobor. This region is just outside of Zagreb and is famous for its beautiful rolling hills, castles, monasteries and seemingly quit, idyllic villages. . Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Zadar Click to view other photographs





(64 photographs) Zadar is this writers favorite city in Croatia. It is an ancient city dating back to Roman times and has a very large old town that still follows the medieval town grid. Here you will find a variety of medieval buildings, with some going back to the 7th century. Since Zadar is on the Adriatic coast, the climate is dryer and the temperature is about 7 to 10 degrees F (3-4C) warmer than in Zagreb. The early evenings hours are by large numbers of people walking through the medieval streets viewing the various galleries, boutiques, and enjoying the numerous outdoor cafe's and restaurants. The sunsets with the Adriatic backdrop, is a very romantic scene. Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Hvar Click to view other photographs



(25 photographs) The Island of Hvar and the ancient town of the same name plus the town of Stari Grad on the same island are major upscale "in crowd" tourist destinations and are reminiscent of the scene on San Trope, in the mid 1960's. During the summer months, the town is visited by numerous yachts, primarily from France. Some of the crops of Hvar include lavender, which is used both as a fragrance and various varieties of Pomegranates (formerly referred to as Chinese Apples). Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.

Split Click to view other photographs





(18 photographs) Split is an ancient city dating back to over 2000 years. Split was the home of the Diaclecian, the very powerful ancient Roman emperor of the 3rd century, who was noted for his logistic ability and his method of governmental control. Unfortunately, Diacleacian is also remembered for his brutality and his persecution of Christians. Incredibly, a substantial portion of Diacleations palace, in the center of the city, is still in existence. It is remarkable that such a large building could stand for almost 2000 years. In the middle ages, merchants built their homes on roof of the palace and these homes are still occupied. Split, a city of about 500,000 inhabitants, boasts a large harbor, filled with yachts, many out door cafes. restaurants and a large old town. From the port of Split, one can take ferries to some of the many beautiful local islands.

 Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Architecture Click to view other photographs





(30 photographs) The architecture of Croatia is stunning by its variety and the fact that it stands its own when compared with such great cities as Vienna, Paris or Rome. For hundreds of years, Croatia was a part of the Hapsburg empire (and for about 70 years, it was a part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire) and thus the Hapsburgs built splendid civic buildings, opera houses, castles, and churches. Further, almost everywhere one looks, one can find signs of ancient Roman presents.

Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


War Aftermath of the war for independence Click to view other photographs





(33 photographs) Sadly, starting in 1990 and going on till 1997, the 5 principal states of the former Yugoslavia Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and later, Herzegovina, were involved in a vicious, almost savage, civil war during which it is estimated that up to 360,000 people were killed, including 14,000 Croatians, 17,000 Serbians and most of the balance being Bosnians. The Croatian involvement in this war, which they refer to as the "war of independence", was from 1991 to 1995 and briefly again in 1997. Prior to the civil war, Yugoslavia was a mixed county with Serbian Orthodox, Catholics and Moslems and a smaller Jewish population, living side by side in relative peace. Today there is peace in the Balkans and the boarders are open between these five nations. Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.


Nikola Tesla's birthplace Click to view other photographs





(47 photographs on-line with a large collection of historic Tesla photographs and documents on file.) Nikola Tesla was probably the greatest scientist in modern times, considering that without his inventions, we would be living a very different life today. Tesla discovered alternating current (AC) electricity and was the person who conceived and built the first AC power plant in the world at Niagara Falls, New York (USA). Tesla also invented the neon light, radio control, radar, the radio, and also demonstrated the first x-ray, Tesla coils and much more. Nikola Tesla was born of Serbian Parents in the Croation village of Smiljan and throughout his life he stated that he was proud of both his Serbian and Croation background. Photographs, broadcast video and finished articles are available for immediate publication.






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