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How to buy a photograph

   The price to use a photograph depends on the size of the printed image and the final usage of the image. To order, you may click on the pre-set license payment links to the left. In the new menu that appears, please indicate the serial number of the photograph that you wish to purchase (for example JP_03723) and a brief description of the photograph (for example "a house next to a pond"). If possible, please also indicate where on the website, that you found the photograph (for example: the section on Kyoto).



When ordering a photograph, please include the serial number, a discription of the image and where you saw the photo on this website.


  Many people prefer to buy with their credit card using PayPal. Our PayPal email billing address is

Click Here to buy using PayPal for USA Orders (total price including postage will be $46.90)

Click Here to buy using PayPal for international orders from Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand (total price including postage will be $67.95)

Click Here if you are in Canada and Mexico and wish to order using PayPal. The total price, including postage to Canada and Mexico using PayPal is $48.95 . Orders to Canada and Mexico are sent by U.S. Global Priority Mail. Besides the pre-set payment links, you may now also pay by PayPal. PayPal, which is now owned by Ebay, has emerged as a major on-line payment processing company. Our paypal email address is . To pay, please



The original size of each photograph is between 1 and 2.5 megapix and can be sent by email, or cd-rom or print form to you or your publication upon payment of license fee. In many cases, we have more then one photograph, of the same building or subject. Further, if you do not like the photograph that we have on file, we can re-photograph the building or subject to your specifications, for a slightly higher fee. Please contact us for details.

Photographs copyright by Frank X. Didik.
All rights Reserved.