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Frank Didik
Projects include design, photography, video,
writing, transportation and business issues.


  When considering any new project, I try to take a fresh look at everything that is presently available and what has been designed and created in the past, but has somehow been lost to every day use. To facilitate this research, I carefully read as much as possible on the internet and in local libraries. I also maintain a personal library of reference books and journals that are, for the most part, not available over the internet. Some of the technical books date from as long ago as the mid 1600's, though primarily I study what has been created over the past 50 years. I believe that my designs, are a combination of physical appearance and technical functionality. The purpose of any of my designs and art is not to make change for the sake of change but rather to create a new and better approach to a particular need. The designs incorporate the latest design and technology elements that I can get my hands on. I often spend many weeks, if not months developing improved technology, materials and know-how for the particular project. I write details on my techniques and technologies so that other may benefit. Conveying new ideas is the only way that society may progress, rather then recreating the same thing, over and over again.

  In my designs and art, I try to use the best materials for the job that are reasonably available to me. These materials include, though are not limited to steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, fiber glass, plastics and wood. In the case of functioning designs, the specific end use in mind. The design must function well, be comfortable to use, reliable, easy to repair and, be safe. A strong attempt is always made to make the vehicles aesthetically pleasing, though function always take precedence over form in my designs. As a matter of course, design decisions and to a certain degree, compromises are made throughout the development and construction of every new element. Compromises include form versus function, strength verses weight, cost versus speed, to name mention just a few. Safety, however, is never compromised.




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