Three Distinct Proposals
for Three Separate Books
By Frank Didik

  The following three books are being proposed for publication. Each of the books represent a unique and needed product that have been formulated with sales and continuing profits in mind.


NYC in Pictures (work title): This is a travel / shopping / entertainment book that should have a very wide audience. Please see detailed sheet for further information

NYC in Pictures - Photo Essay (work title): This is a unique photographic / architectural book which contains a photograph of every building and park on every main cross town street and avenue, up to 59 Street. This should be of great interest to tourists, lovers of New York City, architects, real estate agents, banks and insurance companies, to name just of few groups. Please see tear sheet for further information.
The two above works are based on the virtual reality project which can be viewed at:

History and Guide Book to Lenticular Images. This is a book for the estimated 30,000+ collectors of Lenticular Images. Nothing like it exists and the author is confident that this will be a strong seller. Please see tear sheet for details. Currently, a cd-rom version of this book is published and can be viewed at:

Frank Didik has written and compiled a number of directories and books on topics covering real estate, business and Eastern Europe. Write up on some of the works can be found on or can be reviewed by entering "Frank Didik" in most search engines.