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New York City -
60 years Ago
Available Today.
High Quality Photographs of any property in any borough from 60 years ago!
Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island
Over 550,000 photographs available.

  Between 1936 and 1941, a photograph was taken of every single property in New York City under the auspices of a federal work program (a WPA project). Each property was photographed using relatively high quality "large format" cameras. Today, these photographs represent a unique historic view of New York City during the late depression period, just before the start of World War Two. When looking at these photographs, one is transformed back in time to a different era. By almost any standard, it is fascinating to study each photograph and observe a moment of a time gone by. Certain things immediately strikes the viewer. For example, one immediately notices that almost all streets were still paved with cobblestone, trolleys still ran throughout the City, Manhattan still had most of the elevated lines (EL trains) in operation. One can not avoid noticing in many photographs the interesting old cars, the fashion and dress of the period, the Art Deco style signs and ornamentation and the general slower pace of the period. Sadly one also notices how few trees lined New York City's streets back then. Large areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx appear to be completely treeless. (It should be noted that the program to plant trees throughout New York City did not start until the late 1940's to early 1950's.).

  These fascinating photographs are ideal for display purposes in any office, business, restaurant, bar or similar display. These photographs are also ideal for restorationists, and those seeking to determine how a particular property looked approximately 50 years ago. These photographs make ideal gifts. Building owners and tenants alike will find most of the photographs truly fascinating. We are offering photographs to interested parties FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Regrettably, because of copyright restrictions, these photographs may not be published or duplicated.

 Please note: The actual photographs tend to be of higher quality than what is shown on the top of this page. Further, most photographs will show a substantial portion of the street. All Photographs are in Black and White.

  Photographs are of reasonably high quality, though in some cases, there may be minor blemishes and or imperfections. In almost all cases, the block and lot number (which was used to index the photographs) is visible on or in the photograph. Photographs are available for the majority of properties that exist or existed in the late 1930's to early 1940's in all five boroughs. In cases of farmland, which has been since sub-divided into smaller lot sizes, such as in certain areas of Queens, Staten Island and in the northern Bronx, only a portion of the total existing property may be shown. In some cases, you may find that the building shown has been demolished and a new building has been erected in its place.

  The total cost for these incredible photographs are:

$142.89 for an 8" x 10" per property.

$164.54 for an 11" x 14" per property.

We also offer low cost photocopies of most properties for $40.05 each.

Above price includes shipping and handeling charges.


Because each photograph is custom printed from the original negatives, please allow 6 weeks for delivery. We reserve the right to return payment if after researching the property, we determine that the photograph is of very poor quality or if the photograph is not available for the property. Searches are conducted by block and lot and not by street address. If you do not provide us with the block and lot number of the property that you wish to order a photograph of, we will look up the block and lot number ourselves. We are not responsible for errors.

Please print this form on your printer and cut along the dotted line.


Early Photograph Order Form

Property Description

Property Address: ___________________________________________

Borough:______________ Block:______________ Lot:_____________

(Please note:  If you do not have the block and lot number of the property that you want to have an early photograph of, we will look it up for you but we are NOT Responsible for errors.)

With your order, please send:

$142.89 for an 8" x 10" photograph of the property ($125 + $7.00 priority shipping + 8.25%).


$164.54 for an 11" x 14" photograph of the property. ($145 + $7.00 priority shipping + 8.25%).


40.05 for an 8 1/2" x 11" (approximate) photocopy (xerox type) of the property ($30 + $7.00 priority shipping + 8.25%).

I (buyer) ___________________________ hereby certify that the photograph(s) being purchase will not be for resale, nor will they be published.   It is further understood and agreed that in some cases, the photographs may have minor blemishes or imperfections, including, but not limited to minor dust, scratches, stains and or similar.    It is further understood and agreed that the American Directory Corporation has the right to reject my order if they, at their sole discretion, determine that the photograph can not be supplied based availability or condition.

Signed: Buyer _____________________________


Delivery Information:


Company: ________________________________________________


City:___________________ State:_______________ Zip:_________

Telephone:______________________ Fax:____________________

Please print fill in this form and send it with appropriate payment to:

    American Directory Corporation
    GPO Box-7426
    New York, NY 10116


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