Power Plant Technologies

Optimized Power Plant Efficiency

   Thank you for your interest in our powerplant technologies.   We
have spent a considerable amount of time developing alternate
energy systems and optimizing the use of existing energy products. 
We have developed and optimized a number of existing and new
technologies that can significantly increase the efficiency of
existing power plants.    Our technology is viable for plants that
generate electricity by thermo means such as coal, gas, oil or
nuclear fired plants.    Essentially, the systems captures heat
energy that would normally be lost in cooling towers and in pipes. 
 Based on our calculations, which stem from formulas that we
developed from working models, we estimate the captured energy can
be as high as 3.7 percent.   Based on our calculations, a typical
power plants capital investment in our system can be recouped
within 4 years of installment.

   For additional information, please send us an e-mail message and
a senior company executive will contact you by telephone.    If you
would like, we may be able to demonstrate a portion of our system
at your plant.     We are confident that you will be astounded.

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