DIDIK 2000 Program

Electric Energy from the Sun

   Thank you for your interest in our solar energy research
program.   The DIDIK 2000 is an experimental solar collector
designed as the first stage of manufacturing inexpensive solar
electrical generating systems for commercial applications.    The
collector consists of a uniquely designed 7' (2 meter 15cm)
parabolic mirror manufactured out of a partially flexible material
that allows the curvature and thus, the focal length to be altered
either manually or by computer control.   The focal point ranges
from 9 feet to 15 feet (3,000mm to 5,000mm).    The DIDIK 2000 is
built upon a trailer which incorporates an equatorial mount that
allows the primary focusing mirror to follow the sun from morning
till night, at any latitude.    Adjustments for a particular
latitude and/or location is a simple task that can be accomplished
in a few minutes.    
   The concentrated sunlight produces temperatures which can exceed
3000 degrees fahrenheit.     Even higher temperatures can be achieved
in a vacume.   Ceramic is used as the target. To convert this
enormous amount of heat energy into electrical energy, we are
experimenting with a number of direct and indirect conversion systems
including direct electron exchange systems, indirect liquid/gas
mechanical systems and conventional, modified, solar/voltaic systems.
Preliminary results have been astounding.

   We are also exploring various methods of storing the
concentrated energy and this includes conventional battery arrays,
various electrolytic conversion systems, various flywheel systems,
fuel cells and thermo-storage systems.
   Research information gathered from the DIDIK 2000 will provide
data necessary to manufacture quality, low cost, workable solar
electric generating systems.   The knowledge gathered from this
system will provide us with an engineering window in producing
significantly larger collectors in the future.    Multiple DIDIK
2000 units can be coordinated together to allow increased
electrical output.

   The DIDIK 2000 has a significant niche market including remote
locations, farming applications, forestry applications, emergency
applications, and has should be particularly useful in global areas
where conventional fossil fuel is prohibitively expensive or not

   Technology used to manufacture the primary reflector in the
DIDIK 2000 is can also be used to manufacture supersized optical
mirror telescopes and specialty lenses.    We will be offering our
knowhow to manufacturing enterprises.

   For additional licensing or press information, please send us an
e-mail message indicating your area of interest and a senior
executive will contact you by phone.   

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