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Manufacturing and Reseller Licensing Information

  We are offering manufacturing licenses for DIDIK vehicles. Depending upon any negotiated agreement, we can offer manufacturers vehicle manufacturing equipment, complete or partial jigs, design templates, manufacturing templates as well as on site training. We are also willing to license various trade secrets, technical know how and marketing plans, surveys and profiles. In the case of certain foreign (non-USA located enterprises), we may also be able to assist in obtaining investment funding.

  Manufacturers of bicycles, motorcycles and various recreation vehicles should be particularly interested in entering into a manufacturing or sales licensing agreement since our vehicles will offer an interesting addition to your current product line. For additional information pertaining to sales or manufacturing licensing agreements, kindly e-mail your name, company name, postal address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address to us. A senior executive will contact you by phone.

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Licensing Information for Manufacturers and Resellers
Electric Vehicle CD-ROM
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Critical assessment of electric vehicles
History of Electric Vehicles from 1834 to 1987

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