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DIDIK Human Powered Bus

Power to the People!

The DIDIK People Bus is a human powered vehicle that carries up to nine people....with pedals for all! There are three bench seats, each of which carries three people, and for each person, there is a set of pedals! The DIDIK Human Powered Bus is a very social friendly vehicle designed with fun in mind. It is ideal for corporate outings, recreational and tourist facilities, parties family gatherings or just a night out on the town. In most states, the vehicle is classified as a bicycle...made for 9. The vehicle stresses teamwork and is perfect for human resource seminars.

  The DIDIK Human Powered Bus incorporates, hydraulic brakes, headlights, side lights, tail lights, brake lights, standard height bumpers, and headrests. The vehicle can also be equipped with seat belts, stereo system and other options. The roof and sides are made with flexible PVC fabric. The vehicle is 108" long, 68" wide and weighs (with roof) 280 lbs, which is only 31 lbs per person! Since the vehicle is made to order, there is a 4 week delivery time. Price ranges from $7500 to $12,400, depending upon configuration and options. Power to the people!

  For further information or a test drive, please leave an e-mail message.

PLEASE NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice. It is recommended that an experienced, licensed driver be behind the steering wheel. It is strongly recommended not to drink and drive the DIDIK Human Powered Bus.

This is one of many concept vehicles designed and built over the past 20 years by the industrial designer Frank Didik who specializes in transportation design and technology for the next generation of conventional vehicles. If you represent a manufacturing enterprise or a transportation authority, you are invited to contact us to discuss your particular need and we will do our best to provide you with a fresh new innovative look at your existing and proposed project. All communications are deemed confidential to the degree that the internet provides. RFP's are welcome and given quick, thoughtful attention.

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