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Breaking News
Corona Virus Pandemic

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Covid-19 breaking news
The facts and only the facts, without editorialization or opinion. You decide what to believe.

Corona Virus / Covid-19
History, and basic facts
Frank X. Didik, April 16, 2020, updated May 11, 2020

  The Corona Virus, which is also known as the the Novel Corona Virus, Covid-19 and the China flu, first emerged in Wuhan China in October, 2019. It quickly spread to other countries. Some countries, such as Italy and the United States are said to have had the greatest number of infected cases, though the actual number of cases and the actual number of those infected who become critically ill or who have died is not understood. A quick, reliable test for this virus is still in the development stage, and the existing tests being used are significantly inaccurate with many false positives and false negatives, as of April 15, 2020. With this in mind, people who are said to have the virus and diagnosed primarily by their symptoms which include loss of smell, sustained fever and often respiratory problems. In worst cases, people diagnosed with the virus are placed on ventilators. Still, most of the symptoms of Corona Virus are almost identical with the yearly flu.

  It is estimated that up to 95 percent of those who contract Corona Virus experience do not experience any symptoms whatsoever, however during their undetected illness, they are said to be carriers of the virus and can spread the virus, but this has not been proven. According to Italian health authority, those who die of the virus are almost exclusively those who are suffering from one, two or three critical illnesses such as cancer or heart disease or are people who suffer from chronic obesity, diabetes or other ailments. Surprisingly, smokers and drinkers do not seem to have a greater mortality rate than others. There is a question of whether those who die, die with Corona virus or because of Corona virus.

  The average age of those who died in Italy was 81 years old. In China, the average age of death attributed to Corona Virus was 78 years. The average age of death attributed to Corona Virus in Norway is 88 years old, though Norway has only a handful of detected cases. According to the New York City Department of Health, as of April 14, just under 7,000 people are believed to have died with or because of the Corona virus. Of these almost 7,000 people, only 137 died without any known background disease or ailment. It would seem that children below 12 years old are almost immune to this disease.

Starting in early March, masks were hard to find and optional, particularly since a virus is vastly smaller than the filtering capability of masks. By late March, it was acknowledged that the virus would often accumulate in micro water particles and thus the masks would be useful. In the case of New York State, Governor Cuomo ordered on April 15, that all people must wear masks if they might be closer than six feet from one another in public.

All Churches were encouraged and have "voluntarily" closed till the fear of the virus is over. This has never happened before and if the Churches and synagogues had had been forced to close by government decree, it would have violated the U.S. Constitution.

Signs are everywhere encouraging the people to avoid contact with others, maintain social distancing of six feet (two meters), wear a mask and frequently wash hands.

Some essential services, such as this Post Office, have painted squares on the sidewalk to assist in "Social distancing", that is, for people to separate by six feet (2 meters).

Because of the massive demand for masks and protective shields, some stores donated their stock of such items to local hospitals, as did this Harbor Freight Tolls in Brooklyn did.

Certain items have mostly disappeared from supermarket shelves. Items include toilet paper, bottled water, sanitizing napkins and cleaners.

Gasoline prices have plummeted by almost a dollar in just one month from March 10 to April 10. The price for high octane gasoline in New York City is approximately $2.55 per US gallon. As of May 11, 2020, the price for a gallon of regular gasoline is down to about $2, with discount gas stations charging $1.89 per gallon. Super gasoline, with 91 octane is down to about $2.45 per gallon, with discount stations charging as little as $2.35 per gallon.

The major bridges have very little vehicular traffic as this photograph of the entrance of the Manhattan Bridge, on the Manhattan side shows.

In the early evening, the streets are deserted but almost every light in every apartment is on.

Some people have questioned the number of Corona infections and deaths, in both directions. The primary question is wether people are dying from some other cause and just happen to have the Corona virus or if Corona virus is the actual cause of their death.

At first, people were going stir crazy and were extremely bored staying alone in their apartments. At that time, I was getting constant telephone calls and texts from friends, acquaintances and business associates, Now however, people have become used to this. I believe that many shopping and routine habits have been broken and that if and when this historic fear of the virus ends, that people will not necessarily resume their old lifes but rather continue to enjoy the new, solitary norm. People may also wish to save money after this long quarantine. The result I feel is that many restaurants, stores and perhaps churches, may not see their old customers returning as quickly as they had hoped.

Thousands of protesters have converged on the state houses of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan and other states demanding that businesses and other activities be resumed. Many constitutional guarantees are mentioned including freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, the pursuit of happiness and others. Many protesters do not believe in the severity of the Corona Virus and compare it with the yearly flu. As of May 11, protests have expanded to almost all states around the country. Some of the protestors were well armed with so called "assault weapons" and other guns. So far, the protests have been vocal but peaceful.

As of May 10, 2020, was mother's day and the highways had more vehicle traffic then it had in several months. As of May 11, 2020, overall vehicle traffic is increasing. Further, it seems that more stores that were considered essential, but were closed and now opening up. Still, the number of customers in many essential businesses, such as bicycle stores and automobile repair shops is much lower than usual. All people are required to "social distance" both outside and in stores. This means that people are required to stay 6 feet / 2 meters away from one another. Further, face masks are required to enter any store, though the question remains if such masks have any effect in preventing the spread of the virus, considering that the virus is vastly smaller than what the mask can filter out. Though not required for outside use, the vast majority of people wear face masks outside. The majority of people remain at home.





(New York City, USA)
Copyright© 1977 - 2020 by Frank X. Didik, All Rights Reserved




Frank X. Didik with NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and first lady Chirlane McCray, at Gracy Mansion.

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