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Population Control Solution


There is an alternative to population control. Restricting and discouraging the formation of families in order to stabilize or reduce population infringes on the freedom and rights of every human. There is another much better approach that does not infringe on human rights for controlling population expansion. That is to let the population expand, without controls, but also vastly expand resources. The best way to vastly increase farm production, clean water supplies and rapid distribution of resources is to build my proposed Trans-Global Highway (www.TransGlobalHighway.org). Think about it for a moment. There are vast areas of our planet that have an abundance of resources of every variety, and yet these areas seem to isolated to make proper use of. Construction of the Trans Global Highway will change all of this since we will be able to get fresh water from areas with huge reserves of fresh water, such as northern Canada and Russia and pipe this water to the water starved areas of the world, such as vast areas of central Russia, North Africa, and even to the western part of the United States, that is presently rationing water to farms. This would vastly increase the food supplies available to the world. Further, transportation costs would be reduced and the speed to transport heavy items would be increased, when compared to ocean ship transport, thus cement or heavy machinery could be quickly transported from one area of the world to another. Such things as expensive mechanized farm equipment could be utilized for one month in one area of the world and then shipped to another area, with a different growing season. A large number of new industries would be formed with massive economic opportunities. Further, the entire planet would benefit with increase food supplies, inexpensive electricity, and fuel and mineral resources could be transported from isolated areas to urban areas.

  If we continue with the current direction of global population control, we will end up with a stagnated medieval type of world, with very little progress, and massively declining standards of living for all, rich and poor. To restrict or reduce population, based on resources available today and a very limited understanding of the future availability of resources, will lead to nothingness.

  Already the resulting decline in birthrates and aging populations has created many new and unforeseen consequences. This includes a declining tax base, a greater tax burden for the younger people, a greater percentage of people required to take care of the elderly, declining industrial output and a significant decline in the standard of living for many young people.

  It was an error on my part many years ago, to name the project "Trans-Global Highway" since most people associate the word "highway" with a roadway, when in fact, I always viewed the Trans-Global Highway as a pathway or a conduit for a variety of long distance transporting needs including electric cables to send electricity generated from distant places to urban areas, communication cables, oil and gas pipelines as well as being a pathway for high speed programmed trains and finally a roadway for truck and car transportation. For extremely long range journeys, I have always felt that the best way to transport goods would be using programmed trains, rather than trucks, however for shorter trips, such as between local cities or in relatively populated areas, trucks and car would no doubt utilize the Trans-Global Highway.

There really is a better way for society, than to push population control. The solution is simple. Have an international effort to build my proposed Trans Global Highway. Read more about the Trans-Global Highway at www.TransGlobalHighway.org --Frank X. Didik, pre 1980, updated in 2005 and 2016





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