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The Quest for the worlds lightest bicycle. The 4 lbs bicycle.

News stories and photo archive covering NYC buildings, electric vehicles and the 1960's-70's.
A company.



Electric Vehicles

 (Please see below for information on the ELECTRIC CAR OWNERS CLUB and for SOLAR and RENEWABLE ENERGY)
Solar, Electric, Hybrid, Alternate Energy Vehicles SOLAR, ELECTRIC, HYBRID and HUMAN powered vehicles including all types of electric powered cars, specialty vehicle and various types of hovercraft and aircraft.
How vehicles are designed
How to Build an Electric Car (Smithsonian Institute Talk)
Directory and History of Electric Vehicles from 1834 to 2000 A directory of all electric cars ever built.
DIDIK Muscle Car
Foldable Muscle Car
Didik Shooting Star
Didik Sun Shark
Didik Arctic Explorer
Didik Long Ranger
Didik Simplicity
Didik Duplexity
Didik Turtle
Worlds lightest bike
Human Powered Bus
Licensing Information for Manufacturers and Resellers
Electric Vehicle CD-ROM
The Horseless Age First Car Magazine in the USA, starting in 1895. Contains details on every early car. Fascinating.
Solar Energy Research

Electric Vehicle Registration Page

Electric Car Owners Club pages:
Click here for the Electric Car Owners Club* Main Menu

History of the CitiCar and CommutaCar
Driving an Electric Vehicle
CitiCar and CommutaCar Parts List
Electric Vehicle CD-ROM
How to Build an Electric Car (Smithsonian Institute Talk)
Directory and History of Electric Vehicles from 1834 to 2000
Citicar Catalog from 1975
CitiCar Wiring Diagrams
ComutaCar Catalog and specifications from 1980

NEW! For the early automobile enthusiast
The Horseless Age

The first car magazine printed from 1895 to 1918. Information on every car built and every automotive development during this period.

Design, Art, Film, Alternate Energy
Designs by Frank Didik
Design for Industry.
"It is not creative if it does not sell"
Art | Films | Resume | Designer Statement | Architecture | Virtual New York City and Tokyo | Current Book Projects | Expanded GPS

Trans-Global Highway

Stray Voltage issues
Manhole and utility post stray voltage detection and warning systems.

Architecture Inflatable structures and emergency isolation tents.

Positive pressure, germ free emergency temporary medical bed.

Positive pressure filtration tents.

Virtual New York City and Tokyo This art project includes a picture of every building in New York City, photographed by Frank Didik To see thumbnails of many of the photographs, also go to

"Chinatown in the Shadow"

"Secret History of Japan"


Proposal for a Trans-Global Highway.

Personal Home Shelters.

Portable, hermetically sealed , inflatable personal shelter.

EXTRA: First hand report : World Trade Center Horror


Real Estate

Clicke here for Real Estate information products for brokers and investors.

Hawaii Real Estate Information

Hawaii Real Estate CD-Roms

EXTRA: First hand report : World Trade Center Horror

Personal Home Shelters.


New York Real Estate CD-Roms
(Also, scroll down the page)

Click here for the main Real Estate Menu

Real estate cd-rom's covering every property are available for the following areas:.
New York City
Nassau County Suffolk County
Westchester County Rockland County Orange County Putnam County
Sullivan County Ulster County
Dutchess County Hawaii Real Estate

Old Photographs from 1936-1941 of most buildings in the five boroughs
Real Estate resource links
NYC in Pictures A photograph of every building in NYC
Personal Shelters Two and three person bio-shelters for use at home or work

NYC Real Estate Registration Page

Inflatable Bio Shelters

Stock Photo
and News Archive

Photographs by Frank Didik:
New York Photo Archive | Asia | Historic Asia (1850's-1920's) | Stock Film Footage Database | Celebrities | Celebrities in 3D Stereo | Protest marches | Tropics | Electric cars | Japan | Croatia | World Trade Center Archives | Alternative Energy |

Frank Didik Commercial and Editorial Photography
Didik photographs can be found in numerous magazines and publications
A photograph of every building in Manhattan. Photographed by Frank Didik. Part of his virtual reality world project.

NYC in Pictures
Photo of every building in NYC

 Stock photo and video archive plus editorial and media content.
Historic Asia 1853-1923

Hawaii Stock Photo Archive
Japan stock photo archive

Stock Photo Archive
Publication Rights

1. Photograph of every building in NYC

2. The World Trade Center.
Before - During - After

3. Wide variety of alternate energy related photographs

4. Japan covering all major cities, events and buildings.

Many other photographic areas.


Trans-Global Highway

Personal Home Shelters.

Portable, hermetically sealed , inflatable personal shelter.


Stereo 3-D Pages

lenticular software

Lenticular Stereo (3-D) Technology STEREO and THREE DIMENSIONAL (3-D) imaging including Lenticular printing and Vari-Vue. This section covers stereo photography, stereographic cinematography and stereo (3-D) television.
Click here for the Main Stereo 3-D menu

2003 Edition
 History and Guide Book to Lenticular Technology cd-rom by Frank Didik

Mass Production of Lenticular images for advertisers
Production Price list for Lenticular Mass Production
Lenticular Photography
Lenticular Supplies including lenses for printers and photographers
 Early 3-D Television Systems from the 70's
Lenticular Technology
A brief history of VariVue Since 1936
Directory of 3D (Stereo) films since 1922
Lenticular Technology Book
How to view stereo pairs (non-Lenticular)
Lenticular Licensing Information for Manufacturers and Resellers
Press Kits

DIDIK Stereo Registration Page


 The History and Guide Book to Lenticular Technology and Images on CD-ROM. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any one interested in 3-D or who collects lenticulars. It covers and illustrates thousands of lenticulars and gives insight into the technology. CLICK HERE for more information.

Business Intelligence

Easter and Central
European Business Directory
"Who Produces What"

Center for Eastern Europe Economic Research

EASTERN EUROPE BUSINESS INFORMATION. This section is primarily for larger companies, banks and government agencies seeking information or technical assistance on various industries and industrial sectors in Eastern Europe.Click here for the main Center for Eastern Europe Economic Research Menu

Eastern Europe Business Database CD-ROM by Frank Didik Covers every factory in Eastern Europe and former USSR

Special Industrial Reports Over 400 industrial sectors covered

Trade Directories and Books Covering Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Registration Page

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CLICK HERE for a schedule of television shows, interviews, magazine articles, press conferences, trade shows and exhibitions covering Didik Vehicles, Lenticular technology, and real estate products.

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